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Let’s get your business (back) onto MOJO-mountain

We know what we’re talking about: 
Together, we have around 30 years experience in the business world. We both have an MBA and graduated from Top Universities (ESCP Business School, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, European School of Business Reutlingen, California State University). We have worked in different countries and departments such as Brand Management, Marketing Strategy & PR at companies like Henkel, L’Oréal, Ketchum, Daimler, Bosch. Our experience in diverse industries and countries, both in strategic and operational roles, and in all levels - from cleaning lady to top manager, has equipped us with a thorough understanding of what makes teams, leaders and businesses successful. 

In our experience, the majority of companies experience a lack of MOJO, preventing the individuals and teams from unfolding their full potential and delivering their best work. That's why we consult both small businesses and big corporates like Google or BMW, so that the leaders, teams and individuals can grow & prosper - and take the business onto MOJO-mountain.




Marketing Agency

Özden was our Consultant for Business Development, Positioning & Strategy. We had intense sessions that were always fun despite their importance and complexity. Why? Because Özden met us where we were. She had answers to our questions, solutions to our problems and showed us alternative and smart ways when we were in a mental dead end. She always brought a smile, ease and lightness to our meetings, ensuring that the Consulting journey not only advanced us in terms of expertise and content, but also brought us a lot of joy.


PR Agency

Victoria combines deep professional expertise with a positive, motivating and team-leading approach. Victoria quickly works her way into complex structures. She has been an asset in all aspects of our project with her innovative ideas and thinking as well as her vision. 


Strategy Consulting

Özden is very inspiring, creative and reliable. She learns very quickly, brings new impulses and is very committed to doing things hands-on. She understands our clients on a deep level and always goes the extra-mile to help them transform. In addition, she is a real role model for our younger team members.

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