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Let’s get your startup into a rocketship to the MOJO-verse

We know what we’re talking about: 
Together, we have around 30 years experience in the business world. 
We both have an MBA and graduated from Top Universities (ESCP Business School, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, European School of Business Reutlingen, California State University). We have worked in different countries and departments such as Brand Management, Marketing Strategy & PR at companies like Henkel, L’Oréal, Ketchum, Daimler, Bosch.
Our experience in diverse industries and countries, both in strategic and operational roles, and in all levels - from cleaning lady to top manager, has equipped us with a thorough understanding of what makes teams, leaders and businesses successful. 

We are very active in the startup world, particularly the Munich ecosystem and especially invested in supporting female founders. Not only do we have expertise in the formal aspects of founding a company, like developing sustainable strategies, writing business plans, pitching ideas, gaining customer insights, launching products or formulating marketing campaigns, but we also know that setting everything up right from the very beginning is what will make or break a startup, so we help entrepreneurs to found organisations with MOJO. Having a vision, structure, mindset and people with MOJO will ensure that a startup can grow & prosper and conquer the MOJO-verse.




Startup Accelerator

Victoria & Özden are great Coaches for entrepreneurs as well as intrapreneurs in global corporations. They have an insanely positive energy that they bring to their projects and teams, which are then able to quickly make visible progress. We really enjoy working with VICTOR Ö and look forward to our upcoming projects. 


Startup Founder

Özden was by our side with advice and support, gave us support and constructive criticism and always managed to bring us back to the core when we got bogged down in details. Working out our idea with her was a great experience and I would love to work with Özden again on the next project - or start my own start-up with her!


Startup Founder

We are very grateful that we were able to work with Victoria. The impulses she gave us were incredibly valuable. Her open approach, creativity and expertise helped us a lot to get our product evaluated by the customer and to take the next step. 

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